Insomnia Strikes Again

Well I didn’t get either job that I interviewed for. The first one, the temp 12 hour one, emailed me the very next day to tell me I’m a loser LOL and the Wednesday job didn’t even get back to me, like they said they would. I got an email from the recruiting agency saying I wasn’t successful but it seemed like it was an afterthought email. That’s sadly the unemployment game, and I’m quite used to it now.
Mom’s 40th slowly creeps closer. I’m absolutely boracic and it’s a shame because you only turn 40 once. I’m hoping my Dad will give me some money so I can at least buy Mom a card, some flowers and take her to the movies because she wants to see the new Iron Man movie, as do I :)
I went back to my Aunts house on Wednesday, after my interview. I only stayed till Friday because she asked me if I wanted to go home and take Reggie with me. So I did. It started off bad because a few hours after we’d been at my house he turned round and said he didn’t want to come this weekend and I told him that if he feels like that in the future he should speak up before he’s dropped off because no one forces him to stay here, at all. Saturday he woke up in a horrid mood, which coupled with my tremendous migraine, didn’t help matters and I tried all day to get him to do ANYTHING but he didn’t want to. Then at 4 o clock he decided he wanted to go to Coral Reef (which closes at 5pm) and I explained it was nearly closing so it would be pointless even trying to go so he threw a wobbler. By time we’d gotten home from our Nan’s he had calmed down so he had dinner and a bath and then he went up to bed. I soon followed him, migraines take all my energy and we watched some movie together. Sunday was a much better day. I managed to convince him to go swimming so we went to the Rec centre after lunch but we didn’t realise the buses stop at 5pm on Sundays so we was stuck in town when we finished swimming as it was 5:30 when we came out. Luckily we got a ride home from a friend and then Mom got in from work and took us to McDonalds because she fancied one. Reggie had a kids meal but the toy that came with it is rather weird and we’ve no idea what it does lol Monday morning my Nan and Grandad picked me and Reggie up to take him back home. His brother Ronnie was having a photo-shoot done at their house for a modelling portfolio but their Mom had also wanted some pics of all 5 kids done too, hence why we brought Reg back so early. They all had new outfits and shoes to wear. Tegan had a lovely white dress, and the twins had little dark blue suits on. They all looked lovely, and clean. We stayed for dinner then tea and I got home about 7ish. It was a long old day and I was so glad to be home. Yesterday I didn’t sleep that well, I kept coughing because I’ve still got this weird tickle cough. Today I woke up and watched some tv, most people would’ve gotten out in the sun but this weather isn’t my kind. I hate the summer months. Too hot and too many insects lol
I haven’t got much planned right now. Just lots of job searching online mostly and trying to keep busy. Plus keeping up with my household chores, washing the dishes, vacuuming and laundry etc. Just wish I wasn’t wide awake, I’ve got a headache, my eyes hurt and I’m definitely tired but I’m wide awake! Huff :(