It is Monday again

Woah it’s been over a week since my last post. I have been slightly busy, for someone unemployed that’s a good thing :) I didn’t get up to much last week, mostly job searching and watching some tv. Friday I went to the Nuthouse I mean, Jobcentre and yet again I’m in their bad books. I do everything I’m asked, and more, I even have 2 interviews this week and yet because I don’t “check in” on their job site daily, I’m not doing enough. Even though I do check it out a few times a week, and on them days I apply for over 20 jobs it’s still not acceptable apparently. Their new rules are that we are suppose to “check in” daily and technically I’m not. I just don’t see why I should be told WHEN to search, WHERE to search and HOW to search. I’m not a moron, I’m quite aware of how to find a job lol anyways, Friday my aunt asked if I wanted to come over so at 6 Mom dropped me in Godalming. I spent the weekend helping with the kids. The twins are still teething and Freddie has 2 teeth already, bless him. Saturday night we had a take away, Chinese, then we put twins to bed. The two older boys were at their nan’s for the night so Tegan was all that was left. My aunt and Tegan went to bed and I watched a film downstairs by myself then I went to sleep. Sunday I was dropped home and I had some food. My aunt phoned me but I missed the call so I phoned her back and her other half said she’d have to call me back because they were on their way to the hospital because Freddie was bleeding out his ear. I was a bit worried about him but I know his Dad has had ear problems so it’s probably hereditary. Eventually my aunt text to say he’s got a burst ear drum but he’s okay and back home. She said they reckon there was probably some pressure but now its burst so hence the bleeding. He was fine all weekend so I reckon it can’t have been hurting him which is a good thing. She said he’s okay and she was giving him some cuddles in bed lol Bless him, I can’t believe he wasn’t more cranky all weekend, he was quite alright considering he’s teething :)
So, I had an interview today for a sale assistant position in a stationery shop in the town centre. It’s only part time but it’s still something. The hours are two shifts of 6 hours, and the pay is £6.40. Doesn’t work out as a lot of money but the jobcentre aren’t paying me at the moment anyway so I’d be better off taking this job, even if only as a temporary solution. I desperately need to sign off the dole… I received a phone call, on Friday, from an agency about an application I’d sent to them. They wanted to send my cv to their client for a role. The lady phoned me this morning and said I have an interview on Wednesday morning so that’s another opportunity for me. This one is for an administrative position for 6 months with a chance at going permanent. Of course with me looking at college again, permanent is not necessarily what I’m after, not a full time role anyway but part time possibly. I guess I shall see how it goes.

It’s my mom’s 40th in a few weeks. I wish I had some money so I could treat her properly. Guess I’ll have to settle for something small and sentimental lol