Happy 18th Bro

Went to sleep at 6am this morning (Friday) and mom woke me up at 9. I wasn’t that impressed even though I’d asked her to, the night before lol The only thing that kept me going was the idea of a McDonald’s breakfast, which we had. Yum. We went to town to sort out my brother’s birthday cake and balloons. Then we went to the grocery store to stock up the fridge etc. We did the cake in ASDA and they were selling 1 litre bottles of Magners cider for £1.75 so I bought 2 bottles. We left Morrison’s and came home to tidy up and pack the groceries away. I was knackered so I said to mom I’d try and get some kip before we went out for dinner. I went to “bed” at about 2ish and Mom woke me up at 5. I got washed and dressed, and did my make up. Then I sorted my hair and after finding some jewellery I was all set to go. We got to the restaurant about half 7ish and we had a right laugh. Ordered starters and main. I had cheesy garlic bread to start, then chips and sirloin steak. It was yummy. We left the pub at 11 and I’m quite tired. Plus I’ve drank almost 2 litres of cider now so I’m quite happily to go to bed lol got a good few pics (as you can see) and I’m glad my brother enjoy himself, 18 only comes along once!
I fell over outside our house when we was coming home earlier. I’ve got a graze on my knee and I scratched up the bottom of my iPhone. Oops! Apparently all they heard me say was “oh no my phone” lol was funny. My knees stings tho. Bloody shoes!!!

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