One More Sleep…

Well I didn’t babysit for my aunt at the weekend in the end. She said she didn’t need me because they’d change their mind about going out. Shame as was looking forward to seeing the kids and making the most of my Aunt’s sky movies package lol. Ah well :)
It’s my little brother’s 18th birthday tomorrow. He’s been at his dad’s since Tuesday and he’s back tomorrow some time. My mom and I have been doing some prep for it, presents, cards, embarrassing photo collage etc lol. We are going out for a family meal tomorrow evening, which will be nice. 18 is a big one lol need to buy something to wear with my new jeans, might go to TK Maxx, see what they’ve got on sale. Mom and me have got lots to do tomorrow, got to sort out his photo cake (got a classic baby photo of him for it) and the balloons need blowing up with helium. It’s going to be a nice evening I hope.

20130420-111654 PM.jpg (My bro’s photo collage)

I’m a massive social networking fan, and as I’m single I’ve signed up, past and present, on online dating sites. My experiences vary, as I’ve had situations where I’ve actually spoken to someone for a long period and became friends, occasionally meeting up for coffee (although I drink tea)! And then there are the daily conversations where a guy starts off with “Hey, how are you? What you up to?” And then 5 questions in the convo changes to sex, as it inevitably always seems to and then it’s “I’m horny, you into sext-ing?”, by which point I’ve got bored and stopped talking. Or my personal favourite is the guys that talk a lot and ask way too many questions then when I ask if they’re single, they say they aren’t. I’m like “why you on this site then? Because, honestly that’s asking for trouble”. Yesterday night I received an IM (instant message) from a guy who’s profile said UK (looked promising as I seem to be a huge magnet for guys from Algeria!?). He started the bog standard conversation with “hi, how are you? What you up to?” And we chatted about how we are single, and he asked where in England I lived etc. Then, as usual, he brings sex into the convo and starts telling me how big his penis is. He reckons it’s 11 inches but we all know how men are incapable of measuring accurately. So I just replied with something like “oh right not all women want a big one” so then he sends me “well my sister likes jerking me off”. I was gob smacked. I mean, does he really not understand that is illegal, and not to mention disgusting! So I said to him that was disgusting but he reckons she “doesn’t leave him alone”. What has society come to? I mean, he really didn’t get the fact that what he’s doing is illegal, and I know this because I said about it being incest – and illegal, and he said “it doesn’t matter because we haven’t had sex”. It does matter, ANY SEXUAL activity counts. I mean jeez, he’s so stupid he’s probably a product of incest to start with (inbred). I didn’t know if I should report him on the site. Seems silly because he isn’t doing it on there, he’s just talking about it and for all I know it might not be true, as my friend pointed out. But I said to my mate “what kind of person would actually think it’s okay to joke about that kind of thing?” And he agreed “it’s odd behaviour”.