The twins are teething

My aunt asked me to come over on Wednesday, for the night because she wasn’t feeling well and wanted a hand with the kids as they were still on Easter holidays from school. So at 7:30pm my Grandad dropped me to her house. Frankie was still awake at 10 when my Aunt went up to bed so I fed him downstairs and then sat watching tv with him laid on my lap, tryna get him to sleep. He didn’t nod off till about 1am lol I took him up to his cot and then came back downstairs. My cousins Reggie and Tegan were having a sleepover downstairs with me but Reg had been asleep since 11 so it was just Tegan and I. We decided to watch Men in black 3 as I’ve not seen it. Tegan fell asleep but I watched it all. My aunt asked me to pop to Sainsbury’s when I first got there, to get some baby Bonjela and dummies. The twins are teething (which I had said the week before because they seemed to be dribbling more than usual and trying to eat their hands) so my aunt asked for the Bonjela to help ease their sore gums and the dummies to give them something to chew on. They weren’t sure about them at first but now they love their dummies lol I fell asleep after and was woken up about 9:45. My aunt gave me Frankie (I think) to feed and then I bathed and dressed them both. Spent the day watching them, feeding and changing nappies mostly. Frankie slept for 2 hours on the sofa wit me, and Freddie slept for a bit on my lap. Me and the kids watched another movie, Tinkerbel and the secret of the wings. I had wanted to take them to watch it at the Kids AM at the vue but it wasn’t on at the time. It’s a good film for an animation movie. I came home Thursday night because I had the Jobcentre early Friday morning. Pah! God I hate that place lol
Haven’t done a lot this weekend. Friday my Grandad took me to the jobcentre and then we went grocery shopping with my Nan. I didn’t buy much, due to being skint. Yesterday I was home all day, watched some tv and finished my book – Meet me under the mistletoe by Abby Clements: (GoodReads review)
Today we had a Sunday roast at home, just the three of us – mom, Jordan and myself. They had pork, I had beef slices. New episode of Once upon a time was on at 9pm and then a new ep of Law and order: SVU.
Aunt has asked me to babysit tomorrow night so I’m staying over there again. I intend to abuse her sky movie package whilst visiting lol. I do miss sky. We have virgin tv – TiVo box downstairs and just the normal Virgin box in my room (no recording, no pause – it’s crap).