Monday Blues

Sunday Reggie and I had dinner at our Nan’s. She was watching Reggie’s baby twin brothers and I helped out whilst we were there, feeding, changing stinky nappies – lovely lol we had roast dinner and then at 6ish Reggie’s dad turned up and he took me, Reggie and one of the twins in his car, and my nan and grandad took my great-nan and the other twin in their car back to aunts house. My aunt had done a little tea party for my cousin’s birthday and we came over to drop the kids off and have a little food etc. There was quite a few people there, mostly relatives from my side or my aunts partners family. After my cousin blew out the candles while we sang happy birthday to her, me and my grandparents took off home. We dropped my great-nan home as she lives along the way home and then my grandad dropped my nan at bingo (again I know lol) and then I finally got home. I was shattered but I had stuff to do so I didn’t go to sleep as early as I thought I would. I watched the new episode of Law and Order: SVU that was on tv then I read some more of my book. Today I had a big lie-in and woke up about lunchtime! I finally finished my book, it was a good one but James Patterson has done others in the series that were more epic-like. I finally caught up with supernatural on my TiVo box – Virgin tv had been having issues on playback all weekend but it’s finally been sorted out. I’m really getting into supernatural and so is my brother. Although I have followed since season 2 whereas he’s only just started watching and it’s 6 episodes into season 4 lol. I also caught up with revolution which is on sky living Fridays at 9. It doesn’t seem bad but I’m confused as to who’s actually bad etc.
Today new series of Once upon a time started. Season 2 and it weren’t a bad episode. Still following Grimm (season 2) on at 9, as well as Criminal minds (season 8) also on at 9 and Broadchurch at 9 on itv. I thought it was finishing today but then the killer hasn’t been caught yet so it’s to be continued lol. Vampire diaries tomorrow at 9. I love it, it keeps me going each week, getting my weekly fix of TVD Tuesdays. I am a tv addict but only for certain shows. I don’t just watch any old garbage. I’m waiting for lost girl season 3 to start. It’s back on tv on 23rd April apparently, well according to the geektown website anyway. It’s a good site to find out when any series are being aired over here in the UK.
It’s my brother’s 18th birthday next Friday. I don’t have a clue what to get him. I’m not exactly rolling in money so it’ll have to be something special but non-expensive. Will have to have a think about it I suppose.

20130420-111921 PM.jpg(Tegan blowing out her birthday candles at her tea party on Sunday)