Finally a clean room

Reggie is back again. Our grandparents picked him up, along with his twin baby brothers because my nan is looking after them tonight and I’ve got Reggie.
Yesterday evening I had a brain wave and decided to tidy my room up. I’ve been meaning to sort it out for months and last night I finally did. I got rid of lots of unwanted junk, clothes that don’t fit or are all tatty now plus I cleared out Reggie’s drawer so he has more room for the stuff that still fits him and any toys. I also rearranged my bookshelf and gave it good dusting. Overall my spring cleaning went very well. All I need to do now is buy another set of wall shelves and get my Grandad to put them up.

20130420-103110 PM.jpg (My book)
Me and Reg are having Sunday dinner at our Nan’s tomorrow which will be nice. Got to love a bit of family time. It’s Reggie’s sister Tegan’s birthday today, (she’s also my cousin) she is 9 and their mom wanted us to have the kids so she could spend some time with her for it. Hope she had a lovely day today, it was certainly the weather for it anyway. Started reading a new book yesterday, Mary Mary by James Patterson. It is from his Alex Cross series which I love. It’s a good book so far, have struggled to put it down and believe me I really had to when I was trying to bottle feed a 4 month old baby lol but now I am back home and Reggie has gone to sleep (whilst watching a movie) I can finally read in peace without any distractions lol