Say hello to April

So April has approached us and yet it is still so cold and grey outside. Where is the sun? It’s been missing since 2010 lol Well Reggie went home yesterday. He had perked up a lot since Sunday but seems to have passed his germs on to myself, and my mom. Luckily we have just a sore throat, blocked nose and a headache, but no fever or cough, Yet! lol
Easter is over. I got 1 egg, from my Nan. It’s a flake one and I made an utter mess trying to eat it yesterday. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, as previously mentioned, but I did enjoy my flake egg.

20130420-111100 PM.jpgMy dog, Amber, went to the vets for an operation yesterday morning and now she’s home and sulking. She had a lump on her face, by her mouth so the vet removed it now incase it turned cancerous later on. If it had she may be too old to have the operation by then. She’s already 10 years old so any longer and they’d not be able to do it. She’s mooching around the house with the saddest face, like we’ve done her a major wrong lol

20130420-111015 PM.jpgToday I got a letter via the post from college. It says I have an interview in June to talk about enrolment. I’m really excited!!

20130420-110856 PM.jpgMom went past a shop last night while dropping my brothers girlfriend home and she saw these Carling cider’s for £1.50. She got a few for us to try. They aren’t bad for a renowned beer company.