Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday my mom and I popped over to my Nan’s (her mom) to say happy birthday for Friday. As per UN-usual, my nan had buggered off out with my grandad. We caught up with them at my aunts house. Turns out my grandparents were invited for tea at my aunt’s other half’s grandparents. We didn’t want to invite ourselves because that’s rude so we planned to just have a cuppa at my aunts and see the kids etc. well, we got invited for tea so mom drove me, and the twins over and we had a nice few hours with her in-law grandparents, Nanny Anne and Grandad Reg. Grandad Reg is funny, he quite likes to tell stories and they are always about silly things that make everyone chuckle. Little Reg (My Aunt’s middle boy and also my godson) decided he wanted to come home with me so we left his Nanny’s house at half 7. Mom and I hadn’t had any dinner so we had some when we got home and then Reg and I watched a movie in bed. I had plans with my dad and Reg wasn’t well so Mom said she’d watch him for the day while I visited my Dad.
This morning my dad picked me up so I could spend the day with him, my stepmom Charlotte and the 3 kids. My dad’s been clearing out their garden, so it seems, and he got his new chainsaw out which was a bit worrying lol.Charlotte and I went around the garden hiding some little Easter eggs for the kids to find. There must’ve been about 40 little eggs and the kids had a right laugh trying to find them all. We then took the dog (Buster) for a wander and came across a mobile petting zoo. The kids stroked all sorts of animals such as a Pig, Ducks, Goats, Sheep, Donkeys and Giant rabbits.
I got on the train back home at half 4 and Mom is picking me up from the station. Looking forward to my roast chicken dinner. I hope Reg is feeling better, we did get him some Calpol which should do the trick with his fever.