My Plan For 2013

2012 was a god awful year for me. There was only a few things that turned out good. I turned 21 in the summer, the Twilight finale came out at the cinema and my Aunt’s twins were born safely just before Christmas.
This year I’ve had a serious think about what I want, where I want to be and how I’m going to get there.
First things first, I need to go back to college. Scary thought! Last time I was at college was in 2007 and I left the following year. I’m excited to be going back but there’s a lot I need to do beforehand.
I’ve applied online but there’s the interview stage, and if I’m successful then there is enrolment. Plus I need to make sure I’ve picked the correct courses. I know ideally which ones I want to do but I need more information at my interview to be able to confirm them.
My long term goal is to go to University next year (2014) and hopefully study adult nursing. That’s my thoughts so far. Watch this space …